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N. For New Blog and NAILS!

30 Jul

Hey, this is my first blog post on my new blog, life.A.toZ. I obviously need to get to know WordPress a lot better and I plan on doing just that! On my blog I plan on bringing any random and interesting thing that pops in my mind.  For now, I am going to be reviewing and recommending Books, Movies, and Music.  Also I will be posting dream interpretations and some of my nutty, nutball dreams. But, for my first post I decided to keep things fun and classic.  When I think classic one of the first things that comes to mind?…………PACMAN!

Totally fun and cute! Bring back this phenomenon with nail polish!

 How to: Use the bold and traditional colors to make the ghosts! Paint the entire nail and wait until it dries completely.  Then, use a toothpick dipped in white nail polish to make the eyeball, or a white-out pen would also work.  Next, you use another toothpick dipped in black nail polish to make the pupil. On the Pacman nail, it is easiest, for me, to pain the whole nail yellow….wait until dry…..paint the bottom third of nail black right over the yellow….wait until dry. Then using black and the toothpick again make a black triangle for the mouth and make the dot for the eye! TahDa!!! Pacman nails! If you aren’t quite ready to practice on your nail, you can practice by painting on a sheet of paper just like you would on the nail, this helps if you are not comfortable using the toothpick yet.

These nails are fun and cute, but most importantly they are sure to get noticed and start conversation, because who doesn’t love Pacman!!