M. is for the Man-ly MAN HUG

26 Aug

While watching a marathon of L.A. Ink the other day (Don’t judge me those tattoo stories are really touching.)  Anyway, I noticed that every single man who entered the shop to get tattooed by a male tattoo artist would do  the same greeting, EVERYTIME! The first man, the customer, enters and approaches the second man, the tattoo artist, and greets him immediately before even introducing himself and they enter into the sacred ritual of the…..wait.for.it……. MAN HUG! (DONDondon) Ok, we have all seen it or perhaps been a part of one.  It starts off as a handshake and from there it snowballs into a full-blown hug, with two pats to finish it off. Not three pats because that is lingering, not four pats unless you want to be more than friends 😉 Just two pats! Then you walk away like nothing happened and go on with introducing yourselves. 

I have seen this before but as I watched all of those super tough, macho men coming in to get their tattoos, where they make sure not to show emotion or affection, but they greet EVERY stranger they meet with a hug! I have never questioned this before but as I watched and started playing the “Handshake or Hug” game. ( <—– It’s always hug) I started to wonder because every single women who entered the shop did not greet their tattoo artists with a hug or a handshake even, they just gave a polite greeting maybe a smile and introduced themselves…..then after the tattoo was done a few hours later and they have talked to each other and established a relationship or friendship then they hug to celebrate such a wonderful tattoo.  With girls I guess you have to work for that hug!  As, a girl who is friends with girls, I realized that when my friends and me meet someone new we do not hug them…..but, maybe that’s just me. So, now I keep an eye out for the infamous Man Hug! But, if you are unfamiliar here is what to look for.

I found these steps at this link… http://artoftransliness.tumblr.com/post/6813360134/how-to-perform-the-american-man-hug 

“Some men in America are not even completely comfortable with the fully embracing style of hugging, even when done correctly. For men who cannot quite bring themselves to use both arms in the hug, the American Man Hug is an appropriate compromise.

1. Begin with the traditional handshake

2. Keeping your hand clasped with your buddy, wrap the left arm around the shoulder of your friend

3. Slap your friend’s back two times. As in the international style, the back slap is key.

4. Release embrace”

Here are some images of the much more intense two-armed Man Hug

Oh So Manly!! They Pu the MAN in MAN Hug!

Not enough detail…here’s a How To of the slightly intimidating Two-Armed Man Hug!

But, be warned……it is not as easy as it looks! Just a couple of inches in the wrong direction and the Man hand or head can slip into uncharted and inappropriate territory!

From Google Images

From Google Images

One final review, to help you properly execute or properly identify the Epic Man Hug!!

From Google Images

 See everybody does it!

Epic man-hug in 3... 2... 1...


C. is for College!…….Bags!!

25 Aug

Ok, so last week I went and toured my college campus again, where I will live in the next month, yay :), and I saw the absolute coolest backpack I have ever seen! But, when I asked my mom what she thought she said that college girls don’t carry backpacks.  Now as a person who has pack-muled (yes I used an animal as a verb) a ten pound backpack home every night for at least eight years I was astonished that my next four years will not include backpacks!! However, I took the advice because I have never been a college student before and I left the beautiful bookbag behind 😦

Heres a link if you want to check out the one that got away http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&gs_upl=&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1525&bih=655&wrapid=tljp1314316609251028&q=dakine+prom+lacey&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=14677239124526562844&sa=X&ei=YOFWTsaqJpTksQLE4Mm2DA&sqi=2&ved=0CFYQ8wIwAQ#

So, now I have a collection of AMAZING collegey bags. Here they are!


It is from the Stephanie Dawn Collection and is called "On Holiday" the color is Electric Spice. I love it it's fun and bright and the inside lining is lime green! It is like an upgraded duffel bag and it will be perfect for when I go back home for visits!

The second bag is also part of Brandy J Collection and it is completely padded on the inside and has a pocket that fits my 15” laptop.  I think that it is fun but still kind of businessy. 

Brandy J Collection "In Transit" Color: Toasted Plum

 Bag 3 is a college version of a backpack (I guess) it is from Vera Bradly I got it as a graduation present it is a messenger bag in the color “Loves Me” it is bright and fun and way different than my other bags or clothes Im not usually a pink person, but this bag is so cute and it grew on me.

So Cute!

 My final bag for this post is another messenger bag from the Stephsnie Dawn Collection (The daughter collection of Brandy J) It is still colorful and has a paisley pattern and has orange which I love, but this is a much more serious collegey bag.

A serious, thinker face for such a serious bag haha. This is what all college students look like when they are thinking....right?

 I guess this is better thsn bsckpscks 🙂 Hey, you gotta move on sometime!

gl B is for…Bloglovin!

25 Aug

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Now on Bloglovin! So, now you can find me there!!

D. is for Dr. Seuss!

1 Aug

This quote is another nugget of wisdom from the great Dr. Seuss.  Even though he writes children”s books, I think he just has a unique, more interesting way of giving advice and teaching lessons.  I think this quote really says it all.  It teaches you to be yourself and not change who you are and how you feel because you’re scared of what other people might think.  As a person who’s going to college next year I think this is a great philosophy to embrace, it is easy to decide to change things about yourself to fit in with or impress new people, but if they don’t like you for you then they are not really worth your time.  But, before I get as mushy as mashed potatoes I guess I will just leave you with this illustration!  Feel free to let me know what you think.

Z. for Zoey….Takes a Bath!

1 Aug

This is Zoey she is my little dog! I thought today would be a great chance to introduce her because today she took a bath.  A kind of rare occasion because she doesn’t really like water, when wet she tends to look like a drown rat, not that that is a bad thing i guess…  Also, the brush is her mortal enemy, with it’s evil plot to desroy all tangles and attack the feet and tail of little doggies!   (Moooohahaha!!! -that was the evil laugh of the brush.)  Also, the dryer is like an evil tornado of doom.  Its a wonder anyone can take a bath when you think about it that way!  Anyway, here she is the one and only…Zoey Z.

M. is for Music and Mumford and Sons!

30 Jul

My current music obsession of the week is Mumford and Sons!  This band is amazing they put a totally fresh new spin on folk music.  I know folk music it sounds bad and totally lame, All I can picture is Dutch clog dancers with wooden shoes stomping around as they sing and milk the goats.

This is what I picture......Not too modern! (Definitely Not Fist Pump Inducing)

 But, When I heard Mumford and Sons I was hooked. Mumford & Sons was formed in October 2007 by Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane.  They play everything guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, and they even rock out on the bango and mandolin. 

Sigh No More is their first studio album (It has 12 tracks and 7 Singles-Thats how good it is!)

Anyway, here is a link to one of my favorite songs of theirs! The Cave -Featuring a rocking bango solo!- Yeah, you can be excited!!

They proformed at the Grammy Awards and they were so into their music! Winston Rocks his hat all the way off his head!


N. For New Blog and NAILS!

30 Jul

Hey, this is my first blog post on my new blog, life.A.toZ. I obviously need to get to know WordPress a lot better and I plan on doing just that! On my blog I plan on bringing any random and interesting thing that pops in my mind.  For now, I am going to be reviewing and recommending Books, Movies, and Music.  Also I will be posting dream interpretations and some of my nutty, nutball dreams. But, for my first post I decided to keep things fun and classic.  When I think classic one of the first things that comes to mind?…………PACMAN!

Totally fun and cute! Bring back this phenomenon with nail polish!

 How to: Use the bold and traditional colors to make the ghosts! Paint the entire nail and wait until it dries completely.  Then, use a toothpick dipped in white nail polish to make the eyeball, or a white-out pen would also work.  Next, you use another toothpick dipped in black nail polish to make the pupil. On the Pacman nail, it is easiest, for me, to pain the whole nail yellow….wait until dry…..paint the bottom third of nail black right over the yellow….wait until dry. Then using black and the toothpick again make a black triangle for the mouth and make the dot for the eye! TahDa!!! Pacman nails! If you aren’t quite ready to practice on your nail, you can practice by painting on a sheet of paper just like you would on the nail, this helps if you are not comfortable using the toothpick yet.

These nails are fun and cute, but most importantly they are sure to get noticed and start conversation, because who doesn’t love Pacman!!